With Photographs

With Photographs


submitted by: Christy Hodder

cardboard cutout peopleTake a photo of yourself that your head is quite large and face on in the shot.  Color copy or scan and print it to be the actual life size of your face. Lie down on a large piece of huge cardboard…..(I used a piano box)  and have a friend trace your body. You will be giggling the entire time! Glue the color copy photo of your face onto the cut out figure of your self.  Dress up your card board figure with some of your clothes.  Now use your imagination with the TWIN “YOU”.  These are some fun ideas to try with it.

Sneek into their office at lunch break and sit “YOU” in a chair with a note that says….”I couldn’t be here today in person but I was missing you and here is the next best thing!”

Put “you” laying down on your side of the bed, when you are going to be away for an over night, and leave a note or a tape recording that they can press play to hear you say….”I won’t be able to sleep without you tonight!  Hope my twin helps you not to miss me as much as I will be missing you!  See you

Sneek “you” in the passengers seat of your sweethearts car at work and tell him/her with a tape in the car to listen to on the drive home how wonderful they are and all of the many things they do you appreciate and all of the little and big things they do and how you can’t wait to spend the rest of
your life with them etc… make the tape last the entire trip home if you can!

Use your imagination!  “you” have so much potential to bring a memory of love to your sweet heart that he/she will never ever forget!