Romance with Photographs

Romance with Photographs


submitted by: CC

love mobileWe were together in a small apartment and did not have much space to keep little trinkets around. I wanted to give my guy something that reminded him of some of our great times together, but I did not want it to get buried on a shelf or it to take up more space than we had. So I decided to put together a mobile.

First, I went through the photos that we had of each other and picked out pictures of not only our romantic times, but also everyday photos of our lives together. I gathered up some stationary that I had received for a present and cut hearts out of it so that I had a nice background to glue the pictures on.  After I constructed it I hung it and waited for him to notice.

It went better than I expected. We spent the night reminiscing of not only the moments the pictures showed, but all of our memories together. Now, two years later we have a new apartment and more money for extravagant presents, but as I look at that little mobile spinning above our sink I can’t think of how anything that money could buy could better represent how much we love each other.