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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Cristen Hammel

Before my husband and I first started dating I volunteered to be a camp counselor at a Christian camp in PA. for 4 weeks.  We started dating June 6th and I started counseling July 1st.  After the second day I was away we missed each other terribly but knew we had over three and a half weeks to go!

Around the middle of the third week I received a huge package!  I was so excited!  I opened the outer box to find an inner box closed but not sealed.  I soon realized why when I opened it.  Inside each of the four box flaps were pictures of me as a baby and child and my husband as a baby and child.  Some of the pictures of me I had not seen in over 15 years and I had never seen any of the pictures of him!

The pictures had been copied and cut to shape and heart shaped stickers were placed all around them on the flaps of the box.  I kept looking and inside were pictures of things from our past that brought us together (high school pictures, party pictures, pictures from graduation the previous year)  basically anything that we might have shared together in the past as friends or dating.  He had contacted the teacher who had supervised the editing of our school yearbook.  There were always leftover pictures from the school year that were available for the taking should any student request to look through the box.  He looked through two huge boxes of photos and picked out all pictures of me and him together or separate with our friends (both mutual and individual!) It was nice getting something that reminded me of him and home!  We were married six years later!