Cheer Me Up

Cheer Me Up


submitted by: Kim


christmas season cheer me upMy husband is in the Navy and has missed many Christmases and other holidays etc. in his 19 year career.  Several years ago he was away at Christmas time and had called me from the ship, he sounded very sad and lonely (his favorite holiday is Christmas).

He was supervisor of his shop at that time and said he wished he could do something for his crew to boost morale. After hanging up the phone, with the help of my sister and brother in law, I made a plan and we went into action. We made a table top Christmas tree out of clothes hangers, garland etc. We bought decorations, a stocking for each of the guys in the shop and put their names on them, tons of candy and the like. It was a week before Christmas and even though it was a LONG shot that it would get there in time for Christmas I sent it anyway.  And as if there were divine intervention he got the box 5 days later and his shop had INSTANT CHRISTMAS!

Just hearing the OH BABE YOU ARE AMAZING with such enthusiasm made it all worthwhile.  He still talks about it 10 years later.