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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Jacqueline Nusom

gift basket to cheer them upMy husband has always tried to keep me smiling since the day we met. And his sense of humor allows him to be funny even when he isn’t trying so when I was a little depressed after having our third child he had flowers delivered to the house for me.

They were beautiful  and sweet but it didnt really brighten up my day so he took all the petals off the roses and made a trail through the house then he called out my name and as I went to search for him I saw the trail of roses (it reminded me of the movie Coming to America) and when I reached the bedroom he was standing there in the doorway and he said my queen should walk on the petals of roses.

Then he moved to the side and I saw a huge basket that he made with all types of things to pamper myself and I just started crying because I knew if he went through that much trouble he still loved me. After having a baby we women need that.