Cheer Me Up

Cheer Me Up


submitted by: Sakari Turunen

butler romantic meal at home surprise cheer me up ideaThis happened while we were still studying and lived in a flat with two small rooms – cozy but not too much elbow space! To arrange something special I needed some help from a few friends.

I arranged so that me and my girlfriend went out for a walk just to get some fresh air. It was getting darker when we returned. On the door we were greeted by a fully dressed butler, a student friend of mine that is. He seated us to a candlelit table and presented the menu for the evening – a three course Indian menu, cooked in our own kitchen.

The meal as served by the maid, a girlfriend of ours, while the butler pulled out a guitar to sing a serenade, written for the occasion. During the dinner we were amazed with magic tricks and I also got to buy roses for my girl.

The rest of the time the butler and maid tried to stay as invisible as they could in the small space to give us some privacy. To finish of the evening, with no need for a taxi drive, we lay down on the couch and listened to poetry CD by Tommy Tabermann.