Cheer Me Up

Cheer Me Up


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relaxing bath woman pick me upWhen we first purchased our home we seemed to have trouble with everything. Plumbing being the biggest of those problems. Our kitchen sink water came out so HOT you could literally make a cup of tea from the tap. Our bathtub water on the other hand wouldn’t even make luke warm. Which was somewhat depressing to me seen as how I love my tub time. It was always my way of unwinding, defusing for the week and beginning my new week.

My husband knew this so well, that after one of our┬ámore stressful weeks in the new house and more problems occurring then I care to remember, he insisted that I take a seat and let him run me a bath. As I began to cry because I knew it was nearly impossible he insisted that he had it all under control. I watched as this man took out my huge lobster pot from under the kitchen sink and proceeded to bring pots of boiling water from the kitchen sink to add to the lukewarm tub water. Didn’t take long at all before I had a steaming hot bath to soak away the weeks worth of woes.

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