Cheer Me Up

Cheer Me Up


submitted by: Amanda Miller


romantic candle floral wedding centerpieces time saved best pick me up ideaIn the few months before our wedding, I was frazzled with stress from planning all the details. I had decided to make a lot of the decorations myself and was regretting my decision when I found out how much time it was taking! The stress was taking a toll on everything in my life, including our relationship.

For my bachelorette party, my maids took me to Niagara Falls for the weekend. When I came back, I had a surprise waiting for me: my fiancé had finished all of the centerpieces I had left to do—16 of them!! I was so impressed that he was able to make the floral arrangements exactly as I had. They were so perfect that I couldn’t even tell which ones I had done and which ones he had done.

But best of all, he gave me the best gift I could have gotten: time. That was the greatest pick me up I’d ever received! And it allowed me to relax and focus more time on him than wedding decorations.