Cheer Me Up

Cheer Me Up


submitted by: Stanley Leffew


romantic balloons pick me up cheer me up ideasOne of the greatest “pick-me-ups” I’ve found was reminding my spouse of where her real identity comes from. If she is down and out or stressed over something at work, or with life in general, I found that using simple and fun ways to remind her of where her real identity lies works well.

Heres one way that works well.

You take a dozen balloons and insert a small note in each of them stating something you like about your spouse before you air them up.
You also take previously scanned pics of your children and write on the back of them something your children want him/her to know about why they think he/she is great. You roll these up and insert them in some of the balloons.

With the family gathered around, the fun begins. Each balloon is popped and each note is read. Special attention is given to the pics. It is not only fun, it helps remind your spouse of the value found in their connections in life.