Cheer Me Up

Cheer Me Up


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sugar candy romantic pick me up ideas hidden candyDuring a particular tough time of the school year I had been having a lot of little fights with my boyfriend because I was tired and stressed out. The day after one of the bigger fights I had a hard day with classes, and at 5 met my boyfriend for a brief (and tense) dinner before heading off to my least favorite of them, which lasted from 6-9.

My boyfriend saw how unhappy I was, and even though I had recently gotten mad at him unjustly he spent the three hours I was in class preparing a surprise from me. He went to the store and bought a dozen packages of my favorite kinds of candy, a pack of heart-shaped stickers, a rose, and a card. He then “broke into” my dorm room, getting my RA to let him in, and hid the candy all around my room; in my drawers, behind books, on top of my wardrobe, taped under the hanger for my scarves, everywhere!

He put a sticker on each package of candy, and on random other things in my room like dates on my calendars or back pages of notebooks or places on the furniture I didn’t always look. He wrote a long, sweet note which filled the entire card telling me he loved me and was sorry that I was going through a tough time but that he hoped he could be there for me. He then explained what he had done with the candy and stickers and told me that every time I found one I could know that he was thinking of me. He left this card with the rose on my computer, and went home, since given our recent fight he wasn’t sure if I’d want him there.

When I got back to my room I was grumpy from recent events and the past class, and when I saw the card I wasn’t sure what it was. Then I saw the rose and realized it was from my sweetheart. When I read the card (I swear, he writes the best love letters!) and then the explanation of what he had done I started laughing and crying at the same time and looking for the candy. I was so touched that he had done this, in part because it was the middle of winter and freezing outside and he had walked to and from the store after dark to set it all up! The fact that he had taken the time to do something so elaborate to make me feel better when I had been unfairly unkind to him was incredibly touching to me, and helped me to remember that he was on my side.

This tradition continued for the rest of the year, and when I found all of the candy he broke in and hid it for a second time! Not only did his gesture cheer me up during that first time I was upset, throughout the rest of the school year I was sporadically finding pieces of candy or stickers throughout my room and in my school supplies, and every time it brought a smile to my face. It was a cheap way to tell me that he loved me over and over again for the whole year, and I heard the message every time!