Cheer Me Up

Cheer Me Up


submitted by: Deborah N.


teddy bear mr tuddles pick me up ideaMy husband and I met when we both worked at JC Penney several years ago. He worked security, and I worked in the lingerie department, which happened to be where his office was located. Each day, he’d walk back and forth, checking on me every now and then, to see how my day was going. One particular day, I’d had such a hard time and was feeling pretty down. When I got back to my counter after lunch, there was a tiny little purple bear sitting on the counter, with a note attached to it….The note was a little ditty the bear was “singing” to me, letting me know that whenever I was down, it would be around to cheer me up. His name was “Mr. Tubbles”. It was the cutest and sweetest thing, and it worked. I had the nicest laugh and biggest smile on my face after reading it and seeing the bear.

After we got married, I didn’t know where the bear went and actually kind of forgot about it. Then, I had a bad day and all of a sudden, the bear came from out of nowhere with another sweet note attached.

After three years of marriage, and several military moves, “Mr. Tubbles” still pops out every now and then to cheer me up, and it always works, whether I’m sad, angry, upset, worried…. Mr. Tubbles always makes me feel loved.