When Someone Is Feeling Blue

When Someone Is Feeling Blue


submitted by: Nikki Addams

slow dancing when someone is feeling blueRichard and I are recently engaged.  The day before our engagement, we found out that my Mom was going into the hospital. And the following week, discovered she needed surgery that her doctor told her she might not survive.  Needless to say, I was worried and upset about my Mom, but on the other hand, happy and excited about the engagement.  So I was really stressing out.

Richard loves to work with his hands so we were browsing in a craft shop but I really wasn’t into it.  My body was there but my mind was not.  I’m tagging along, not paying attention when the next
thing I know Richard has taken me into his arms.  And slowly, starts swaying forth and forth to a beautiful love song playing over the store PA system.

And right there, slow dancing in the middle of the aisle, I realized that he was taking some of the burden off of me and letting me know that he was there for me.  I also realized his incredible strength of will and that he was making me feel better knowing that I was not going to go through all of this alone.  He was always going to be there for me.  What a pick-me-up!

And the store patrons absolutely adored us!