When Someone Is Feeling Blue

When Someone Is Feeling Blue


submitted by: Scottie

boiled cookiesA couple of weeks ago my husband was having a hard time at work with some of his employees. I called his mom and asked her how she use to make him happy when he was younger. She told me she made boiled cookies for him.

She gave me the recipe and then that is when the plan came to mind. That evening when he got home I had all the ingredients laid out on the counter. I wrapped a smock around him to keep from getting his clothes messed up. He didn’t know what was going on so I just stood back and told him to do exactly as I said for him to.

He looked a little aggravated at first but I assured him he would be pleased with himself. I read off each direction one at a time and he followed them precisely. He still felt a little aggravated but more at ease.

After he had completed making the cookies and sat them aside to cool I walked up to him and put my arms around him and said….”Next Time things get hard and you just can’t take it anymore, come in

here and make your favorite cookies and remember that with a little patience and the right amount of ingredients you can accomplish anything!”

He picked up one of the cookies that had cooled and slowly fed it to me! That evening he was in better spirits and I owe it all to a boiled cookie!!!

recipe for Boiled Cookies