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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Sally L.

My husband and I share an almost daily “pick-me-up” in the form of a 3×3 inch, red, shiny “I Love You” decal of sorts. Its like a giant version of those little shapes one can include in cards/letters, or sprinkle on a festive table.  We received it from our 5 year-old in a card she made for us last February at school for Valentine’s day.

One day, about a week after Valentine’s Day…I found it in one of my bureau drawers.  Since I knew my 5 year old hadn’t put it there, I guessed it was my husband, so I tucked it into the pocket of one of his business shirts.  Since then, I’ve found it in the washer, taped to the lid, on the dash of my truck, in my coat pocket, on the screen of my computer, under my pillow…countless places.  He has found it in his drum cases, in the coffee can, in his briefcase, in the shower, tucked into his window visor in his car….We never mention it, we just keep passing it back and forth.

Each and every time it brings a smile to my face…not only do a get an unexpected reminder that my husband loves me, but I LOVE that we are involved in this little romantic, secretive hiding game.