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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Micael d. Grady

There was this one time not to long ago, my wife recently had our second child and she started feeling down. I remembered that she want
to go somewhere nice, somewhere she hadn’t been before.

So I took a whole week of making reservations. Friday night rolled around and I had rented movies and dressed up in my best. I went to her and after
she asked why I was dressed up, I said, “well, I got some movies to watch or we can go where this man drives us.” She looked out the window and saw a white stretched limo. Tears came to her eyes and she realized she had nothing to wear. I told her I had it covered, I pulled out a brand new evening dress wrapped in a box.

After she got ready, we rode to downtown Dallas where the drive stopped at the Reunion Tower. Her eyes grew big with excitement, she said “I always
wanted to come here, how did…” before she could finish I told her “I listen to you more than what you think, I was just waiting for the right time.”

We went to the top had a wonderful dinner and did some sight seeing from the look out. Then I had the limo driver takes us to the hotel where we spent the rest of the evening and some of the morning dancing and loving each other.

On the way home she told me “ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed that, a man on a white horse would sweep me off my feet and take me away for ever.” I stopped at a light turned to her and said “I  was that man and, she would be mine and I
would her forever and always.” As the light turned green I drove off but, before I focused back on the road I saw her smile as she drifted to sleep. At that moment I realized that I had made her the
happiness person in the history of happiness.