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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Mike Robertson

Within a weeks time my girlfriend had her financial aid for school cut off, hit one of those orange barracades in the road, which did 400$ worth of damage to her car, one of her two puppies got really sick, and her favorite pair of sandals had gotten chewed up by the puppies. This on top of the normal stress of working in a doctors office.

Needless to say, she was having a pretty stressful week. So on that Friday I called her at work and told her not to make any plans for Saturday but did not tell her why. I picked her up Saturday morning and presented her with a dozen roses and card. The card said “Today is Shanna (her name) day”.

I explained to her that when I was kid my Mom used to surprise my sister and I with a day of our own. On this day we were able to go do whatever we liked, within reason. We would go pick out our favorite toy, go get some new school clothes and go out to eat at our favorite restaurant. So this is what I did with my girlfriend.

First we went out for breakfast, she was not sure what she wanted to do next, so we walked along the beach for little while too walk off breakfast. Then I took her to the only store that had the sandals she wore and bought her some new sandals just like the ones her dogs chewed up. Next we went to a nearby outlet mall and went
shopping. For Dinner she got to pick any restaurant she wanted. After dinner she wanted to rent a chick flick and cuddle with me. This was a hit. It definitely shed a new light on her terrible week. I think everyone should get a day just for them.