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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Denise Quinnell

I was having very stressful couple of weeks and my boyfriend wanted to do something to make me feel better.  I received a call at work from him asking
if I was coming straight home after work, I told him I was planning on it and he peaked my curiosity when he said there would be a surprise waiting
for me when I got home.

He has a key to my place so I knew he was up to
something.  I did not know he had a romantic bone in his body but he sure proved me wrong.  I got home about 45 minutes later than usual due to
unusual rush hour traffic.  When I walked in the door there was a path of candles lit leading me from the front door to the living room.  My favorite country music station was softly playing (he does not like country music but I love it) and I could smell something wonderful from the kitchen.

The candle led me to the sofa bed which was currently occupied by my boyfriend who had fallen asleep patiently waiting for me.  Just looking at him
reminded me of Sleeping Beauty.  He had slipped under the covers and was sleeping on his back with his arms over the covers just like it shows in the movies.

He had cleaned my house, cooked me dinner, and had even consulted with my sister for any other tips she could offer to make this as romantic as possible.  Later he even told me had had spent time arranging the path of candles by color and size.  This is the first long term relationship he has
ever had and this was the first – but certainly not last surprise he had ever done and just the thought of it now still puts a smile on my face.