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submitted by: Becky V

The first time I remember my sweetheart having a really rough month was about six years ago when he was brooding over an upcoming birthday.  He was struggling with the idea of getting older as he approached a “landmark” birthday year…he was turning 29.  Yes, it would be his last year in his twenties.

When my guy opened up about what was bothering him, I strategized an approach to help him through.  It was, perhaps, not traditional, but effective nevertheless.  I did not tell him that I would still love him or that age didn’t matter (he is six years older than I).  I did not even try to comfort him by promising my continued faithfulness.  Rather, I told him that I was considering getting out of our relationship.  Sure, I still loved him and sure, we had great times together but something just didn’t seem right.  I knew what the problem was, of course.  I needed an older man.  I had been dating a 28 year old for the past year and, frankly, I was looking for a change.  I needed someone older, someone more mature…someone 29.

As the smile broadened across his face I could see him relishing the idea of being my “older man” in about two weeks’ time.  He played along and asked me to “give him another chance–reconsider.”  Of course I did and two years later I married that older man–then 31.

Still every August, my heart begins to wander to thoughts of an older man, and every August 12th I get one.  My husband looks forward to our tradition instead of dreading the passing of his youth.  We just celebrated his 35th..and he and our love just keep getting better!

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