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submitted by: Kare Morken

My girlfriend had in passing told me that one of the things she would like to do was at some point watch the sunup from the steps of the Cathedral in St.Paul, MN. The Cathedral is very majestic and sits on the top of a hill, a big stairway leading up to the doors on the Eastern side.

We had just started going out three weeks earlier and October had just set in with chilly and hazy mornings. In just one week I was supposed to go back to my home in Europe so I thought this would make for a good memory until I could return. I asked her if she wanted to go see the sunup with me before class (she is a college student) and she heartily agreed.

Early Tuesday morning I ran over to a bagel shop and bought a couple of bagel sandwiches when they opened at 6am. Then I went over to my girlfriend’s house and picked her up and we went to the Cathedral where we posed ourselves with our backs toward the church on the top of the stairs. I had brought a picnic basket for the sandwiches, pillows to sit on and a blanket to cover us with. It was still cold but the warm tea and the good company more than made up for that. We talked, ate and held hands under the blanket as we waited for the sun to rise. When the sun rose in the haze we talked some more until I had to bring her back for classes.

Now almost a year later it is one of the many great memories we have to sustain us with as we are forced to be apart from each other for months at a time.