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submitted by: Tracy Guringo

After not having contact with my ex-boyfriend/ex-fiancĂ© in over eight months, we suddenly decided to meet “half way” (he lives in Virginia, I live in Pennsylvania) get some coffee and just talk.

Well, as soon as I pulled up at our selected halfway point, he reached in his car and handed me three red roses (one for the past, one for the present, and one for the future) and gave me a big hug. Then, he proceeded to explain that he had packed a nice picnic for us, so we just needed to find a nice place to spread out, rather than going to a stuffy restaurant. We drove just a short way down the road until we found the ideal spot. A covered church pavilion, quiet and secluded.

The most romantic thing was not just that he had taken it upon himself to do this, but WHAT he had packed. He had truly put a lot of thought into the contents of the picnic basket, including all of my favorite things- things I never dreamed he’d remember, or even ever knew about! He explained that he had to go to five different stores in three different states on his ride to meet me, just to locate the one item he knew I’d love the most! He also brought me a cowgirl hat because I am about to take a “Ranch Vacation” and a southwestern style blanket “Just for fun.”

We had a wonderful time reminiscing and catching up and I had never felt so special.

Two days later, a beautiful arrangement of flowers was delivered to my office with the card reading simply “I miss you!”.