Picnic Ideas

Picnic Ideas


submitted by: Pete Kendall


italian street cafe romantic appointment dinnerWe had both had a week to “not” remember. Both my wife-to-be and myself had worked long hours at our perspective employers. That Friday afternoon, I was able to get some reprieve from my hectic schedule and leave the office early. My wife was still destined for another grueling 4 hours, working at the beauty solon.

We had always liked the idea of sidewalk cafes and had actually eaten at one once while on vacation in Kansas City, MO.

Anyway, I had made an appointment with my wife for one hour under a “bogus” name in order to block out some time for a romantic diner for two within 20 feet of her chair. Around 4:45pm I loaded up our van with a card table, red/white checkered table cloth, CD player (w/fresh batteries) and our finest dishes and tableware for two. I made three stops.

1) Our local record store to purchase an authentic Italian romance music CD
2) Our local Olive Garden to purchase our favorite dish (to go)
3) Our local florist to purchase a little vase of fresh flowers.

After purchasing the above I arrived at her salon shortly after 5:20pm and secretly set-up our little “side-walk” cafe just outside the salon doors. (Regardless to say, some of the customers entering and leaving all smelled the wonderful Italian foods and heard the sounds of “That’s Amore'” and suddenly had the inclination to have Italian for dinner that night.)

All was ready to go around 5:30pm as I entered the salon looking for my beauty in wait. She was there finishing up a hair-cut and ready for her next “appointment”. Knowing her pretty well, I could see that she was pretty tired and ready for the weekend, but was hiding it quite well under her professional smile.

She looked over at me as she was walking out her client oddly as many of the other stylists had privy of what was awaiting her outside. They whispered and smiled and life seemed to stop for her. She finally said, “What?” to all that looked on.

I then explained that I was the next appointment and needed her to come with me outside.

As we walked outside the salon and on-to the sidewalk, Italian music filled the air along with the sweet aroma of the Italian cuisine. The other beauticians laughed in envy.

She was bedazzled and to this day states that that dinner on the “sidewalk cafe” was one of the most romantic and pleasurable occasions of our 12 years of marriage today.