With Picnic

With Picnic


submitted by: Valerie Fernandes

goa indiaI live in India, Goa one of the beautiful touristy places and my husband – John lived all his life in Delhi. We met in Kuwait during our studies. We were married in Delhi too. John had never been to Goa.

One fine morning during the month of November last year, it was John’s birthday and I had a very bad stomach ache. I kept screaming so bad that John almost went in tears. He didn’t know what to do because we lived alone and he didn’t know anybody over there. So then I told him to take me to the hospital though he didn’t know the way. I sat with him in the front seat in order to guide him.

So we were set on our way still shouting in pain as if I was in labour and guess where I took him. It was the beach of Vagator. I told him that the guesthouse down by the beach is the doctor’s place and when he CARRIED me in there, there were flowers all around the place just waiting for him. He was so surprised and amazed. He kissed me and I wished him Happy Birthday. After that we had our little kissy kisses and then went off to the beach.

We ordered snacks and lunch right on the beach. We had the best picnic of our lives. And now John is willing to never go to Delhi again. Whenever it is a holiday he mentions no other place other than GOA.