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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Kathryn Taylor

Picture a cold night. You’ve worked hard all day, you’re tired and feel like indulging yourself. First you go shopping for food on your way home – exquisite food that is almost sinful, it’s so expensive. Wafer thin slices of smoked salmon, exotic out of season fruit, big juicy olives, a few wedges of gorgeous cheeses and a crunchy round of your favourite bread. Then you get some caviar, if it’s fresh, with little bits of Melba toast and a bottle of real champagne.

Did I mention that it’s raining, so you light the fire, put on some mellow music. It’s dark outside, so you draw the drapes across the windows, switch over the phone to the answer machine and kick off your shoes. Walk over to the settee, take down the big, soft pillows and toss them on the floor, then stretch out on them. What could be nicer than squashing every little egg of caviar in your mouth, savouring them one at a time with a sip of cold, golden bubbly? Oh, and don’t forget to invite your very best friend along. After all, what fun would there be in not sharing?

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