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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Rita Sims

I am not a lover of the outdoors activities. However, I do love picnics. For me there is nothing more sensual as eating food with your finger while lying on a blanket….. But since I don’t enjoy being out doors fighting off the bugs, the hot sun, and the possibility of bad weather, I was forced to use my imagination. So I can up with the idea of having a “picnic in the bedroom”…

I brought a small picnic basket that contained serves for two(2), two plates, two wine glasses, eating utensil for two, all of which were plastic. I cooked only food that would require fingers, chicken fingers, various cheeses, dips, crackers, and Jello Jigglers (for dessert) and a nice chilled bottle of wine. Next I set about creating the bedroom as our picnic area… I suggest that you do this during the late evening or night, the effect is much better during these time periods. I first spread a large comforter on the floor for our “picnic area” and placed candles at various points around the room, to give the best romantic lighting for mood effect. When my husband came home from his bowling league that evening he was pleasantly surprised and very excited.. That night was one of our most romantic night as husband and wife.

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