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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Mary Holzman

I have a romantic picnic story to share. My husband and I were married on December 24th. Needless to say, that doesn’t always leave time for romantic anniversary plans to become a reality. Especially since I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Last Minute Details!

A few years ago, however, my husband made a wonderful gesture on our anniversary. After I had completed all my last minute Christmas morning details, gotten ready for bed and slipped under the covers…unnoticed, or so I had thought, he waited for me to doze off and got up himself. I was gently awakened a little while later to soft music and a blanket on the floor covered with all the things needed for a romantic picnic! Candlelight, champagne, a professionally prepared picnic basket (complete with caviar and other gourmet treats) and an anniversary card awaited me! He had hidden the basket outside in the yard since the cold kept everything fresh and the champagne chilled and I was none the wiser! It was a wonderful memory that I will always cherish. Hmmmm….gives me some ideas of my own.

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