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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Randy Tipps

One of the things my wife has told me was that the most romantic thing I have ever done involved a picnic. We were not even married yet, just dating. I had met my wife in January and this was like February. I told her not to eat that I was coming over. It was snowing really bad that night. I told we would get something to eat when I got there.

When I got there, I had her close her eyes. Then I brought the stuff in from the car. I had a blanket, picnic basket full of food, some wine and some flowers for her. I put in a tape of some outdoor music and led her to the blanket on the floor. She was shocked when she saw what I had done. We had a picnic in the middle of winter. We fed each other strawberries. We drank some wine, and spent hours on the floor in this intimate setting. All in the comforts of the living room. NO ants either. All we needed was a skylight to shine in the light from the stars and our evening would have been perfect. Definitely a lot of fun.

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