Tips & Ideas

Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Claire R. Morris

I decided to throw a surprise picnic for the guy I was dating. However, having done picnic before, I wanted to somehow make this one different. And so, I decided to use the kind of romance himself, Mr. William Shakespeare. I grabbed one of his great works, As You Like It (although any great romance or romantic comedy will do). I then told my significant other to meet me in this park at a certain time.

I arrived early and set up all the picnic things. The best part, however, was that I dressed the part. I came in a long white gown from the era and was daintily reclined on the blanket when he arrived. In the car, I also had an outfit for him to change into when he got there. We spent an afternoon dining on fine food and reading romantic scenes from Shakespeare in “authentic” garb. Quite romantic. Along those lines, one could also do any other type of themed picnic, either as a surprise or for the other, or planned together.

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