Using The Post Office

Using The Post Office


submitted by: B Hoover


romantic-man-stress-paying-bills-laptop-ideaI used my computer to print up a letter to my boyfriend telling him how great he is and how crazy I am about him. At the time, he was trying to pay off a lot of bills that he and his ex-wife had incurred. They were going through a very long and messy divorce and he figured he would be ultimately responsible for all of it so he was desperately trying to stay ahead of the game, but he was always struggling. I decided to send him a collections notice.

On the document I created I used a font that was most like a business or typewriter font, I also used a feature in my word processing program that puts the post office bar code under the person’s address, I had hoped this would make the letter look more official. I bought white window envelopes (like a business would have) and I printed a fake (but believable) P.O. box as the return address on the envelope.

In the body of the letter I purposely printed in large black letters “PAST DUE”. I folded the letter so that the “past due” could be seen through white envelope in order to give him that “oh no, not another bill” feeling when he saw it. The body of the letter was a past due letter indeed, I stated how much I loved him and how my hugs, kisses and attention were “past due” and that he was letting his situation get the best of him. Then I invited him to dinner so that I could bring his affection account current and of course I stated a due date.

He was very amused by my creativity and he was so excited when he got the letter and it gave him a nice break from all the bad news he normally got via U.S. Mail.