Using the Post Office

Using the Post Office


submitted by: Gwen Hagar


love parcel mailing romance ideaMy Husband & I had been married 13 years at the time and he had gone away for A WHOLE WEEK for a business trip. We have 2 children thenĀ 9 & 11.

I had gotten the address and room number of the hotel he was staying in and we gathered all sorts of “goodies” to put in a box. This included his favorite candy, a Readers Digest, a card that we all wrote and signed telling him how much we missed him and couldn’t wait until he came home, a spray of my perfume & a picture of us.

I wrote all over the box “Mr. Postmaster-please be careful with this package as it is to be delivered to My Love.” I sent it to the attention of the front desk at the hotel with strict instructions to call him after his conference and have him come down to pick it up. He was so surprised and the hug & kisses when he got home were worth it. We now have been married a little over 15 years and are looking forward to many more surprises in “packages” to share.