Using The Post Office

Using The Post Office


submitted by: Christina Hart

postcardsMy sweetheart and I have an Atlanta-Miami long distance romance. When he moved down there a year ago, he left all of his friends and family for the
great unknown.

I use the power of the post office to turn his ‘bill-box’ into a ‘good news box.’ Since he left, I have mailed him two cards for every day he has been gone.

First, I have collected a wealth of the free postcards advertising anything from local businesses we used to visit to websites to cars. (By now, I have friends who return from a wild weekend with stacks of cards for me!) I have made numerous color copies of favorite photographs to glue to the backs of these cards. The benefits of the copies being I can cut them into any shape I desire and add any mustaches/details/captions I feel the photo always needed. (If the cards are mangled in any way, I am not risking originals, either.)

I also clip out funny bits like News of the Weird,¬†horoscopes, items from The Onion, precious poems . . . anything which catches my fancy. I enjoy matching the pictures and cut-outs to the topic of the card. I especially like to find old photos of things we’ve done in the past and mailing them on the appropriate anniversaries.