Using the Post Office

Using the Post Office


submitted by: Claire Morris

mail a ballThe post office… this is my specialty.

I am far away from someone I care a lot about, so we like to send creative packages to each other. It started out pretty small (writing on paper plates and toilet paper, etc.), but now we keep trying to outdo each other. Among some of the things we’ve sent are:

-A large bouncy ball (2 ft. diameter or so): I wrote right on the outside and stuck the stamp on and sent it as is… kind of like a big, round postcard! A blown up beach ball also works.

-A pineapple, once again, address and stamp on outside.

-One of those large drinking water dispensers full of blown up balloons (which was a trick to get blow up – inside – since there is a thin neck). I wrote the letter and tucked it inside, surrounded by all the balloons. He had to wait until the balloons lost enough air to shake the letter out. I called this one “Message in a Bottle.”

-A sturdy plastic juice pitcher as the “box.” Inside were all sorts of fun things including Kool-Aid mix, Twizzler “straws”, etc.

-A white pair of boxer shorts (fresh out of the package) with a letter written on them in permanent ink.

A letter can brighten anyone’s day… imagine what a fun and creative package that you obviously put time into thinking about can do. So, get creative and make someone’s day!

Oh! The post office workers always get a kick out of my creative packages when I bring them by!

(Editor’s note: Yes, it is true. The US postal system does not require an envelope or box to mail a package. Just an address and postage.)