Using The Post Office

Using The Post Office


submitted by: David Rupert


romantic-public-cards-love-note-ideasI mail my wife cards to her work address — she loves it when the secretary gives her a mysterious piece of mail to open.

One week I mailed a “clue” once a day to her. I wrote on the outside of the envelope so everyone in the office read it. You can use your own creativity, but I started on Monday: “The Four Secret S’s of Love”

On Tuesday I wrote on the envelope “Sensitivity”
On Wednesday I wrote “Strength”
On Thursday I wrote “Security”

By Friday all the girls in the office were wondering what the fourth S was…..I mailed nothing, but gave her a big “Sensuality” when she got home.

On Monday they asked my wife what the fourth S was — she just smiled.

The public demonstration, mixed with private passion and the anticipation was just the ticket.