Using The Post Office

Using The Post Office


submitted by: T T


romantic-teddy-bear-to-sleep-withHere is a special recipe to send something special using post office.

– Get a stuffed animal (for example teddy bear).
– Get a box.
– Your perfume/cologne (no, you use it, not for mailing it!)

Get a stuffed animal about medium size. Huggable is better…of course, a big one is nice, but more expensive and you have to find a big box and pay more for the postage. You go to bed hugging the stuffed animal for 2-3 nights (You can skip this part if you are in hurry). The next day you put your favorite perfume/cologne (the one you use most often) on the stuffed animal. Put a lot!!! Unless your sweetheart doesn’t like too much smell, then you want to spray a few times and that’s it. More cologne/perfume you put, the smell will last longer.

You let it dry for half day to one day. You go to bed hugging the stuffed animal for ONE night. (Of course, next day you’ll be stinkin’ man/woman…but most people take a shower in the morning and you can get rid of the smell). If you did not put much cologne/perfume at first place, then you want to re-apply to the stuffed animal a few times when you wake up. Put the stuffed animal in the box with a card or letter…tightly sealed. Send them away and your sweetheart will received it a few days later….open the box, suddenly smell of you and the stuffed animal.