Using The Post Office

Using The Post Office


submitted by: Evelyne Slater


romantic-christmas-cards-post-office-ideasI met a wonderful man this past July and we’ve been dating ever since. I learned all about him via email asking all kinds of fun and unusual questions, presented in styles that ranged from flat out asking the questions to making it in questionnaire form or fill in the blanks.

With all the information gathered, I went to work around Christmastime to do something special for him. His wife had died two years prior, just two days after Christmas, so that time of year was not holding fond memories for him. I decided I would try to change his view of the time of year as well as show my care, concern, and love for him by sending him a card a day via traditional mail from Dec 1 to Dec 24. A sort of mailed Advent Calendar.

I chose my cards carefully trying to pick out blank cards with pictures that had meaning based on dates we had or information I had gathered about him over the months. I also took the time to use that information to create my own coupons, one to enclose in each card. The coupons ranged from “One Hug with no expiration date” to “Call in sick to work and I’ll pack a picnic for us, redeemable during warm weather months” to “I’ll take you shopping for some new music, must be redeemed by April” to “Cat sitting services, unlimited use” to “A trip to Borders to purchase a new book and enjoy a coffee and dessert, redeemed during a cold weather month” to “Let’s go fly a kite in the park during a windy spring month” etc etc etc.

I chose different areas of interest to him and made it so he had coupons to use throughout the next year. Some expired, some didn’t. The point wasn’t the coupons but the fact that I mailed a card a day to let him know he was being thought of and loved through this season. I made sure that for Sundays, two cards were delivered on the Saturday.

It took over a month of planning and creating and daily trips to the post office, but the results and response was well worth the effort. He absolutely loved all the personal words written in every card and still displays a few of his favorites on his book shelf. He commented to me that those cards helped him through the season and showed him just how loved he was.