Using The Post Office

Using The Post Office


submitted by: Colin Biroc


romantic-thanks-for-existing-in-my-galaxy-thank-you-card-ideaWhen I was first swept off my feet by my first love, among other romantic endeavors, I sent her “Thank You” cards. I was shopping at my local grocery store when I saw them, written in a child’s handwriting. Pre-printed were the words, “Thank you for” and a blank line followed where you could write what you were thankful for. There were seven to a package, and I just had to buy them.

On the blank line of the first card, I wrote, in child’s handwriting, “brightening my life,” and then sent the card. The following day, I filled out the second card, which I made to say, “Thank you for making me so happy,” and sent it to her. The third day I thanked her for making my dreams come true. This continued until all the cards had been sent. I guess, since mail isn’t sent on Sunday, that two cards showed up on the following Monday, but I don’t think she minded 🙂


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