Using The Post Office

Using The Post Office


submitted by: Linda


romantic-feet-in-sand-prints-package-ideaMy boyfriend (now husband) is out of town for extended periods. When this happens, I always try to find unique and fun ways to mail him reminders of my love. Now that we have children, it sometimes turns into a family affair. Here are some of the things I’ve done in the past. Enjoy!

a.. Use a bright piece of paper and write your letter. Then, fold it into an origami shape and mail.
b.. One winter, my man was enjoying 90 degree weather, and missed our first snowstorm. I cut out big snowflakes for each family member, and we wrote letters to him on the snowflakes. Then, I added snowflake confetti. When he opened the envelope, he enjoyed a ‘homemade snowstorm’.
c.. Write a letter on a cash register receipt.
d.. Write the letters to your words backwards, so he has to hold the letter up to a mirror.
e.. Make up a secret code, and send a coded letter. (Don’t make the code too hard to break, though!)
f.. Unseal an envelope and write the letter on the inside of the envelope. Seal it back up with a fun sticker.
g.. We have a favorite local fast food place, and we often go there as a family on Saturday nights. When he’s out of town and knows we will be going without him, we get an unused hamburger wrapper or french fry container and write our letter on this. Then we mail it in plenty of time so he can ‘read it and eat’ with us.
h.. Sometimes I have a child lay down on a piece of butcher paper and I trace around him. I cut out the silhouette and let the child decorate it to look like him. Then he writes his letter on the back. They like to ‘go visit Dad’ while he’s out of town. Once I had my oldest trace around me, and then I wrote a Very romantic letter to my dearheart when he was unavoidably out of town on our anniversary one year. I sprayed it with perfume, added a scented candle, a copy of our favorite romantic CD, and a certificate for his favorite meal and dessert. Anticipation!
i.. Use 15-20 Popsicle sticks. Write a note by putting a couple of sentences on each Popsicle stick. The letter can be read by placing the sticks in order.
j.. Blow up a balloon. Write your message on by using a fine tipped permanent marker. Deflate and mail.
k.. Put a puzzle together on a cookie sheet. When completed, place another cookie sheet on top and flip it over. Write your letter on the back, take the puzzle apart and mail it.
l.. Remove the sticks of gum carefully from a package of your sweetheart’s favorite gum. Open the paper that is wrapped around the gum. Write a paragraph of your letter on each gum wrapper. Insert it back in the sleeve and put each sleeve back in the gum package.
m.. We love to share certain comic strips with each other. I try to cut his favorites out of the paper when he’s away and mail them to him.
n.. We try to include my sweetheart on our family outings. If we go to the beach, we mail a tiny plastic bag full of sand with our letter. If we go on a nature walk, we include a leaf or pine needles.


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