Telling Your Man You Are Pregnant

Telling Your Man You Are Pregnant


submitted by: Jill B

your pregnantI began planning how to tell my husband of our pregnancy even before we were trying to have a child.  Sometimes I wanted to be able to tell him in a special way, at other times, I knew I’d rather he were right beside me during the testing time so we’d learn about our future together. Ultimately we had a little of both styles.

Long before we planned to have children, I kept my eyes open for special items. Along the way I purchased little “clues” and tucked them away for the appropriate time. When I found a special Precious Moments figurine on sale, I knew I had to buy it for “the announcement.”

“Precious Moments” figurines have special meaning for us. He’d given me one at key times during our dating and engagement, even proposing with one. On our wedding day, we had four PM figures on our cake. Using the figurine to announce the next major step in our relationship was perfect.

When I first suspected, I waited until I was home alone to use the home pregnancy test. It was a very faint positive. That night after supper, my husband received a children’s book entitled “the Baby Book” and a Precious Moments figurine entitled, “The Good Lord Always Delivers.” (It shows a mom-to-be holding a book of Baby Names.)

He became quite teary when he figured out the meaning behind the gifts.
Then because I couldn’t wait any longer, I showed him the results of the pregnancy test and asked for his second opinion.

One week later, we shared the time more closely. He was right by my side when we took the second test and confirmed the outcome. We were attending a career conference for his job, so later that day I was able to purchase a small-size T-shirt that said “My Daddy’s a Paramedic. What’s Your Dad Do?”

We’d later learn that we should have bought two T-shirts because we actually were having twins. I was extremely glad he was right beside me when the ultrasound showed that we were getting more than we bargained for!