Telling Your Man You Are Pregnant

Telling Your Man You Are Pregnant


submitted by: Jennette garden

There are colorful balloons on blue sky background

I knew I was pregnant 6 weeks before I told my husband, and waited so long so I could tell him for his birthday.

I got a bag of pink balloons and a bag of blue balloons, rented a helium tank and blew up about 100 of them in both colors. I added ribbon to each one and let them rest on the ceiling so that when you walked in the room, you saw a sky of blue and pink above you.

I then got a bottle of sparkling cider (no alcohol!) And tied 3 balloons to the bottle. The 3 balloons read;  “it’s a boy”, “it’s a girl” and “congratulations on your baby” which was placed on a table that he could see as soon as he walked thru the front door.

It worked well!  He came in and said “so I guess we are pregnant!!!”