Telling Your Man You Are Pregnant

Telling Your Man You Are Pregnant


submitted by: John


romantic-kids-jumping-bike-pregnancy-annoucement-ideasDue to our childhoods, my wife and I were not planning to have children. For ten years we worked and played with the children in our neighborhood and church. Then my wife became pregnant. Both of us were conflicted because of our decision not to have kids. Eight weeks later her body did something and she was no longer pregnant. We both found ourselves disappointed. It was then we decided that our original decision was incorrect.

Some months later, I was in our family room, putting a bike together for one of my little neighbor buddies. In comes my wife. She hands me a card. When I open it I find it to be a fathers day card. Looking up I saw my beautiful wife with tears in her eyes, sweetly smiling at me.

I can’t think of a prettier picture, of the announcement that has become one of the greatest joys of our lives.