With Puzzles & Riddles

With Puzzles & Riddles


submitted by: Keith Dawson


romantic puzzle ideas what to write on puzzle piecesWhile serving in the Air Force, I was sent to South Korea for a year without my family. The time apart from my best friend, my wife, was especially difficult and I wanted to do something special upon my return.

I made arrangements for a one week vacation in Hawaii, on our next anniversary after arriving home. I purchased a 200 piece puzzle with a picture of a beach on the front and put the puzzle together. On the back I wrote a poem of the journey my wife was about to embark upon.

I took the puzzle apart and wrapped the box as a gift to give her when I returned home. My wife was a little surprised in receiving a puzzle as a gift, but it didn’t take her very long to put it together when she realized there was writing on the back of the puzzle pieces. She will occasionally put the puzzle together and read the words on the back while remembering the wonderful anniversary vacation together in Hawaii.