With Puzzles & Riddles

With Puzzles & Riddles


submitted by: TRB


romantic champagne ideas couple hawaii dateMy husband arrived back to Hawaii from Wisconsin and was greeted at the airport by a chauffer holding a sign with his name on it.

When he got into the limousine, there was a glass of champagne waiting for him, which contained a lone key at the bottom of the glass. He was dropped off in front of a strange building that towered over a canal and golf course.

The bellman greeted him with a note card bearing only the words “Penthouse III”.  He arrived in front of a door wrapped in Christmas paper with a gigantic bow and a sign reading “Merry Christmas”.  A gift tag hanging from the door knob, invited him inside (key #1).

Inside the penthouse waited a bow tied glass of champagne with yet another key in the bottom of that glass. He was instructed to follow a trail of my discarded clothing mixed with Rose petals up
the stairway, leading him to the door of the rooftop, (key #2) that had a note card reading “two down, one to go”.

I was waiting for him on a rose covered blanket wearing only a gold key chain entwined in a floral lei around my neck; which had an attached gift card that read “Handle with Love”…  For this is the key to my heart.