With Puzzles & Riddles

With Puzzles & Riddles


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romantic survivor game show couple ideasMy boyfriend and I are in college together, and one thing we make time to do together every week is watch Amazing Race. This year for Valentine’s Day my boyfriend gave me a great present- my own week-long Amazing Race leading up to Valentine’s Day!

Each day I got a “Challenge,” which was some type of puzzle I had to do, ranging from piecing together a love quote from passages in the bible to a crossword puzzle that only he or I could have done because of all the references to our relationship.

Once I finished the Challenge, I had to take the solution to someone to receive a “Search,” which was a puzzle that would lead my to my next Challenge. He also included a small present with every Challenge which made it so much more exciting.

The final Search led me back to his room, where I had to locate my final presents, the main one of which was a Backgammon set. Months before I had commented on how much I missed playing because I didn’t have a board at college. To make the gift even better, once I found it he sat down and played with me!

The Race was so wonderful because it took so much planning on his part (he had started over Christmas break) I knew I was in his thoughts often even when we were apart. It also told me he cared about me enough to really listen to me and get me a gift that would mean a lot to me.

It was also fun because he involved so many other people who I had to go see to get clues; by involving all those people he was telling them how much I meant to him and it was a perfect public display of affection.