With Puzzles & Riddles

With Puzzles & Riddles


submitted by: Sarah Schneider


Romantic couple on spa holidayMy recent attempt to stump my husband worked like a charm. I arranged to have a completely romantic night! We dropped off the kids at grandma’s for the night and went back home to get ready. I told him to dress comfortably but bring something warm. He was so puzzled! 

We got in the car and I had him blindfolded. Once we got to the place, I pulled him out of the car and walked him in, he smelled perms and heard blow dryers and everyone stopped when they saw him in a blindfold and watched. I took it off and told him we were getting a couples massage at a spa/beauty salon. He freaked out! 

They brought him champagne and he couldn’t get over the fact that I had arranged this without him knowing! Then after our massages, we had a steam shower together and got ready again, the warm clothes were to keep our bodies from getting tense in the cold outside. 

We were headed to our next stop, where I gave him a copy of his favorite children’s book to read to the kids (we had lost our copy) of Goodnight Moon. He didn’t know what that stood for until we got to the Arboretum and went to look at the Moon and Saturn in a telescope, for the first time he saw the craters in the moon other than in pictures! He was thrilled. 

Then I took him to his favorite restaurant for dinner and during dinner I gave him a pocket watch (he had wanted one for a long time) and told him that it was to remind him that I will always have time for him forever! He was truly endeared by the whole evening and never had a clue about the next event to happen!