Tips & Ideas

Tips & Ideas

Here are several ideas that take just a short time to put together to show or tell someone that you love him or her.

Write on the sticky side of a Post It Note with a little love note. Attach the note to the bottom of your loved one’s drinking glass. When they get to the bottom of their glass or when they look through the clear liquid, the will see the note. – Dave Pettit

When preparing a lunch to take to work or a sandwich to each right now, slip a card under the sandwich with a love note for your loved one to discover after they pick up the sandwich. – Dave Pettit

My new husband, Jay, knows I love my cereal everymorning and I hate doing the dishes.  So, about a month into our marriage, he woke up before I did and washed a cereal bowl and spoon and stuck a Post-it not with “I (heart) You” on it.  It made my day.  Since then, we have left each other post-it notes with “I (heart) You” or “I heart U 2” throughout the house. Simple but it works. – Angie Wojcik

On occasion when I’m missing my boyfriend I send him text messages on his cell phone just to tell him that I love him and I’m thinking about him.  He hasn’t mastered the art of responding to text messages so he always calls me right back to say thank you and that he loves me too. – Anonymous

“I love you” cards are ‘quick’ but loving… my husband works 30 miles out of town 4 out of 5 days, so on the one day that he works in town I occasionally will drop off a card in his truck; leave it on his front seat, (sometimes with his favorite candy bar on top).  I do this about every other month or so… just one of the small reminders that I do to tell him I love him! – Anon

Put a special love song in the cd/tape player in your partner’s car and put it right at the exact spot of the message you want them to hear.  Put a note on the steering wheel telling them to push play. – Richa M.


I recently went to a concert that my boyfriend could not go to because he had to work.  While I was there, I called his cell phone (since he was at work, he did not answer). I left a message explaining that I wished he was there and since he couldn’t be I wanted him to hear the wonderful music that I was hearing.  I held my cell phone up towards the stage on three different occasions and recorded parts of some of the songs that were played that night.  That way, he could experience the concert in his absence. – Martecia Belk

Draw a heart or write I Love you, etc on their body while they’re sleeping. (somewhere they are sure to notice) This obviously won’t work on light sleepers, but my husband sleeps through it. – Sherri Brandt

My husband is a restaurant manager and carries around a little notepad in his pocket for reminders of what he has to do. He left if on the counter so I added my own little love note on one of the pages so when he saw it, he would have to smile and forget the stress of the business if only for a little bit.- Liz Aguilar

I had a program that designs stationary and I had typed up a Love Certificate and had it waiting with the dinner that I had made for us that evening. (or you can get 60 Sexy Love Coupons as a free bonusat Michael Webb’s site by clicking on this link). – Anon

I leave typical notes, like going to the bank, grocery
shopping, etc, in the form of love letters. Last night, it was..
“My Dearest Darling Thomas,
Although it aches my heart I can’t be with you right now, I will join you as soon as I possibly can, hoping the traffic will be light, so I can be with you as soon as possible, and we can sit in front of the fireplace, holding each other and enjoying the pizza I’m picking up.
Yours Eternally,

I’ve never fully understood the need to have the bed made each morning, but it’s something I just know that my wife likes to have done.  Occasionally I will make our king size bed while she’s in the shower or making breakfast.  I’ve do it enough now that she rarely mentions it anymore, but I know that when she enters the bedroom and sees the bed made, she still is grateful that I just saved her from having to do another house chore. – Scott


At our house we had flower beds that had brown rocks in them down by the driveway and flower beds that had white rocks in them up around the house.  One day I came home from work to find my husband had spelled out in white rocks I Love You (I, Heart, U) in the flower bed with the brown rocks.  It stood out real nice and I saw it right away when I got out of my car.  It really made my day and took no time at all for him to do.- Miriam

My boyfriend and I were walking on the beach, he picked up a stick and wrote our names in the sand and drew a heart around it.

I have been having trouble with the only birth control method that I can use (recurrent infections amongst other unpleasantness) and my sweetie took 2 minutes to make a vasectomy appointment so I can stop this (not so) merry-go-round.  He’s so sweet; I adore him. – Suzie

My husband and I are always saying “I’m nuts about you”. One day he called me at work, and just before he hung up he told me that he was nuts about me. I got on the computer, found a picture of assorted nuts, made it into a background and wrote in large letters “I’m nuts about you” and put in into the mail. It took me all of three minutes and since he is the one to pick up the mail, that day he came home with a huge smile on his face. – Anon

My husband loves when his Robb Report comes in the mail. So every now and then I will put little love notes or love coupons in between the pages. He now looks forward to those more than the magazine! – Mary Rifenburg

One quickie that me and my husband dois we write little love notes on the fridge.  We got some letter magnents that little kids play with and write “I love you” in one form or another to each other.  Its fun to do, sweet to see and can last until you change it. – Eryn Webster

I am in a long distance relationship (about 350 km apart).  We just see each other weekends.  Every time I go to his house I always leave something special for him to find under his pillow when he goes to bed at night after I have left.  So far I have left love letters, cards, jelly beans, chocolates, etc.  He really likes it and calls me each Sunday night after he has found his little present.  It helps him know I still care when I am not there. – Beth

I wrote the words “I love you” with cereal on the kitchen counter – the first place my husband goes when he gets off work in the morning. – Anon

When I’m at the card shop, I often buy 3 or 4 to keep on hand.  I also have a bunch of very small “I Believe in You” cards.  I surreptitiously will sneak a card under his pillow before he gets home from work, or put it on his kitchen table.  With the “I Believe in You” cards, they are small enough to ‘palm’ or slide into my back pocket.  When the opportunity presents itself, I sneak it out and slide it into one of his pockets – unknown to him – so he can find it eventually and never know when I placed it there. 🙂 – Kelly D