Quickie Ideas

Quickie Ideas


submitted by: Regina Johnson

pagerFor the last year my fiance and I will send each other a “quickie” to let each other know we are thinking of them or need a hug, or an I love you!.

We page each other and punch in a code which for us is either 1227 ( the date we met 12/27), 214 (valentines), 426(the date we got engaged), or 2142004 (our wedding date).  Each is a way to say “I love you”.

With a quick glance at work or first thing in the morning it brings a smile to my face and no one else knows it’s our little “quickie”. They bring such warmth and happiness to the most difficult day. The greatest was when he sent the following: 21404050607which he repeated again 0809101112 in other words I want to be with you forever!