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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Misty Kitchell

I have been the recipient of several little romantic quickies…these are just a few from my husband:

Knowing that I love to collect change—especially quarters—my husband would place one or several along my daily route…on top of the television where my keys were located, on the door handle of my car, in the seat of my car, etc.

I would get in the car to leave for work (after my husband) and I would find an “I love you” note on the seat of my car.

My husband calls my mobile phone while I am at work knowing that I will not be available, just so he can leave me a message telling me he loves me.

When we encounters bad weather and know that the other is out and about, we call to warn each other and say, “I love you”.

We made a deal that every time we get off of the phone with each other, we will say “I love you”—even when we don’t really feel like it!

When the receptionist at my husband’s office makes cookies—my favorite, pumpkin—he brings one home for me.

Usually my husband brings me my favorite soda when he knows he has made me angry.

When I go to my husband’s office to wait with him while he works, I skip pages in his Post-it pads and write secretly, “I love you!” and the date…when my husband comes across them, he covers the walls of his cubicle with them…including the one dated just two days before our son was born.

These are only of the few of the things that WE do, there are so many more! :o)