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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Emily Boscarino

My husband and I are religious and go to church every Sunday. One Sunday (before we were married), he left his scriptures in my apartment.

So I got this great idea to show him how much I love him. I quickly looked up some scriptures, either that were my favorite or that had to do with love or something like it. I wrote just a few little notes in different places of the scriptures, telling him through the marked verses how I felt about him.

I made sure to place one where he had left off reading so that I would be sure he would find it. When he opened his scriptures to read he was very surprised and delighted at what he found, and I think it was fun for him to look through to see if there were any others (which there were). It was a
nice way for me to show appreciation and it didn’t take me any time at all.