Tips & Ideas

Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Bonnie Lynn

I have been happily married for 18 years now, and its still as good as ever.  Keeping it fresh is key!  Here are some “quickies” I have done over the years:1.  Put store bought valentines, or kids, or comical ones in his lunchbox.

2.  Made homemade notes, some with sexual innuendo in his lunchbox.

3.  Cut out favorite cartoons, from the local paper, that are of interest to him… like golf, military, the Lockhorns were good too.

4.  On his birthday one year, I went to the local florist, and saw a Frog figurine, and a Frog cup, and had a Balloon Bouquet made up and Hand Delivered it to his work, with a note that said ” I had to Kiss a lot of Toads, before I met you, and since I did, you are now my Handsome Prince!”  Happy Birthday!!!We still have that Frog, and I cant tell you How that made him feel on his Birthday, in front of his Co-Workers!  It was a Hit!  He still talks about it.  He said no one ever did that before.

5.  We try and have a date nite at least once or twice a month.  Movie, and dinner, or something we both like to do, twilite golf, bowling, putt-putt.
6.  Always have cute nicknames help, and also for the genital areas too.
7.  Always kiss good morning, everyday before work.  Never fails, the days that we forget too, we end up having a bad day.
8.  We still wink at each other, even in public, to keep the magic…
9.  We still say “I LOVE YOU” many times a day!
10.  Always keep the magic alive… and every anniversary, we always discuss how we met and why we fell in Love, and what attracted us.