Quickie Ideas

Quickie Ideas


submitted by: Erica


soup alphabetWe are in our 30’s and have no children of our own but my boyfriend and I are children at heart so making our homemade soup with alphabet pasta is a normal thing for us.

One night, while I was working intently on making some jewelry, he brought a plate to me with “I Love You Erica” spelled out in alphabet pasta. It took him a couple of minutes to dig through the soup to find all the correct letters and I was very touched. Such a little thing but it meant a lot. Incidentally, it made me realize that cuddling on the couch with him was a better idea at that moment, rather than a hobby.

I hope everyone out there realizes how the little things can be as important, if not more so, than big gestures. It’s the kind of thing that lets you know you are being thought of fondly and often.