Quickie Ideas

Quickie Ideas


submitted by: Talia


love you quickie ideas mirrorI actually used a bathroom crayon and drew all over the shower. I wrote I Love You and wrote hearts, and his nickname… etc. The trick to this one is that it doesn’t show up until he takes a shower!

I was baking a pie and instead of making a top crust, I roll out the dough and use cookie cutters. Last time it was sweetest day and I used hearts, next time I’m planning on using our names. You just make the cutouts overlap and the pie bakes just fine.

A few weeks ago our schedules seemed to be completely opposite and the love of my life was having a really bad day, plus we get a little crabby when we can’t spend time together. So I wrote him a little love note and put it on the inside garage door where I knew he’d see it. I got a foot massage out of that one!